Proudly True Blue Certified


We source as much as possible from local Maryland suppliers because we love supporting our local economy and Chesapeake Bay watermen. We're one of the few companies left who insist on such a strict standard, but we believe our customers know and deserve the difference.

In today's market, almost all of our competitors rely on imported crab from Asia and elsewhere to keep costs down. In most cases, that means you're getting an entirely different species than Maryland’s Atlantic blue crab. You may not even recognize the exotic varieties that are caught and processed thousands of miles away, but many sellers capitalize on the fact that a tasty recipe makes it hard to distinguish what type of crab is actually being used. With Angelina’s, you’re guaranteed true Maryland blue crab in every bite.

We Use 100% Domestic US Blue Crab (Callinectes Sapidus) In All Of Our Products.


Educated consumers realize it's important to know where your food comes from… and here are a few good reasons to ask questions before you buy:

  • Imported crab is packed with a chemical preservative necessary for overseas transport.

  • Harvesting and processing procedures vary widely from country to country and do not always meet US standards… much less Angelina’s of Maryland standards.

  • Buying a domestic product supports the US economy and reduces the impacts of overseas shipping.

  • The flavor of domestic Maryland blue crab is superior, demonstrated in surveys of consumers and food professionals alike.

  • "Maryland Crab Cakes" should be made on the continent where Maryland is located (it should actually be made in Maryland, but we didn't want to push it).