Handmade With Blue Crab From Maryland


Like Lobster from Maine or Salmon from the Pacific Northwest, the Maryland Blue Crab is an icon - known for its distinctive sweetness, texture and flavor. These qualities can’t be raised on a farm or conjured in a kitchen, and they can’t be substituted with clawed cousins from entirely different species. But did you know that around 90% of all seafood eaten in the US is imported from overseas – including the crab in almost every “Maryland Style” crab cake you can find? For more than 60 years Angelina’s has resisted the temptation to trade true quality for a few extra dollars and still uses domestic blue crab in all of our products. That’s because Maryland is more than a style to us. Its home to our family, our company, our waterman and the “beautiful swimmers” of the Chesapeake Bay that are imitated the world over.


Named "Baltimore's Best Crab Cake" 16 Times By Baltimore Magazine And 10 Times By Baltimore's City Paper.