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From the food blogosphere...


From a 2012 wedding reception...
"I have never heard so many people with such good things to say. We had lots of left over food, but no crab cakes. They were a hit, I can't thank you enough!"
-Melissa, Alexandria Bay NY  
From our mail-order customers...

"I can't even eat any other crab cake thanks to you guys."
-Roummel, Sugar Land TX
"The crab cakes we recently got from you were, without doubt, the best we have ever eaten."
-Geoffrey, Denver NC

"Spectacular - they top the crab cakes at the Four Seasons for sure."
-Bill, New York NY
"I have ordered crab cakes from maybe 50 different places on the internet. Angelina's are by far the best. By far."
-Jim, Hartland VT
"They are sensational. The only crab cake I will eat."
-Clem, Woodbridge VA
"All I can say is they are fabulous. I wish you had some way of getting yours on QVC. They may cost a little more, but you only get what you pay for."
-Nadine, Hagerstown MD

"It's as close to heaven as I'll ever get!"
-Bruce, Long Island NY
"Thank you for delivering, again, the best crab cake in this country. Angelina's blows away the competition - my friends could not believe the difference in what a real crab cake tastes like."
-Basil, Fayetteville NC

"I've had crab cakes all over, from Seattle to the east coast, and yours are truly, truly the best."
-Pamela, Roanoke VA
"Restaurants all over the country swear they have Maryland crab cakes and I am always disappointed. Your crab cakes hit the nail on the head - they are outstanding and truly a Maryland crab cake."
-Brenda, Cincinnati OH

"Once again, everyone loved their lunch! You have an awesome product, keep up the high standards. These crab cakes are worth the price."
-Maureen, Elgin IL

"The best crab cakes I have ever eaten...from a Marylander living in Arizona."
-Judith, Marana AZ
"I've actually replaced the traditional 'Get Well' and 'Thank You' gift basket with your crab cakes. They're appreciated so much more! Especially for out of town friends."
-Jennifer, Baltimore MD
"You guys make the best crab cakes on the Planet."
-Craig, Jamison PA
"You shipped crab cakes to me in Hawaii and they were fantastic. They came on time and it was perfect. None are as good as yours...Angelina's are the best!"
-Marie, Evanston IL
"Lived in Baltimore for a long time and yes, I agree, you have the best crab cakes ever."
-Pat, Buffalo NY

"The best tasting, most succulent crab cakes I've ever eaten. This was a whole new experience for both of us. Absolutely nothing compares with the real article." 
-Mark, New York NY

"We want to thank you so much for the amazingly fabulous crab cakes! We shall certainly recommend this feast"
-Bud & Maxine, Statesville NC

"Happy customer of the old Angelina's for years, and now a happy customer of the new Angelina's. Keep up the good work!"
-Lill, Indian Wells CA
"I have never tasted a better crab cake in all of my travels."
-Patricia, Hubbard OH

From two generations of former owners...

"The current partners in Angelina's shipping business are carrying on a long tradition of excellence. They use the original recipe, the best crab meat and really committed themselves to getting it right. We're happy to say the famous Angelina's crab cake is alive and well. More importantly, we're happy that Angelina's of Maryland is upholding the name and the standards which earned us our reputation."

-Carole Reilly, Owner of Angelina's, 1968-1986
-Robert Bufano, Owner of Angelina's, 1987-2005

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